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This project uses a feature-branch naming convention and workflow.

We highly suggest you take the time to set up commit signing with GPG.

main is the main branch. Base your work off of main. Contribute to the project by making changes to your own feature branch and issuing pull-requests when you’re ready to integrate into the main branch:

  • Pull the main branch; git pull, and if necessary git checkout main to switch to main
  • Create a feature branch and check out your branch, e.g., git checkout -b bug-fix-1
    • You can use your initials to prefix a feature branch, e.g., aa-bug-fix-1.
    • Your feature branch should do one thing only, for example:
  • Commit changes related to your feature and push them to GitHub.
  • You can push changes to your feature branch at any time.
  • When you’re ready to have your work reviewed you create a pull-request on GitHub.
  • You can issue a pull-request and request a review of work-in-progress if you want guidance on code or content.
  • Make changes or respond to comments in your pull-request reviews.
    • New commits pushed to your branch will update the pull-request.
  • When your pull request is approved, the reviewer will merge your branch into main and may delete your branch from GitHub.
    • To remove deleted feature branches from your local repository run git remote prune origin.
    • Do not attempt to push additional commits to a merged pull-request. Instead, start a new feature branch and issue a new pull request.
  • Remember to update and branch off of main whenever you start a new feature, e.g., git checkout main; git pull origin main; git checkout -b a-new-feature.